19 November 2007

crossed lines of brain and body

This girl looks a lot better than I did today. I walked into the gym, picked out my treadmill and stepped on like I do every day. I started it up, pumping it up to the speed I start out with, which is a brisk walk. After a minute or two I realized that the very annoying whine coming from my machine is not something that will eventually subside, and if I have to listen to it for the next 20 minutes I might go insane. So, I hit the STOP button and turn to get off. Well, how quickly my brain told me the belt was stopping apparently was not in sync with how quickly it was ACTUALLY stopping. Thankfully, this incident wasn't as bad as it could have been. I turned around and ended up doing a couple quick back-steps before finding myself in the crab-walk position, each foot and each hand spread out on the non-moving parts of the treadmill. I jumped up, smiled sheepishly at the guy on the next machine who's neck appeared to snap in my direction with my sudden movement downward, and hopped onto the next one and on with my workout. Nothing was hurt, although my pride took a healthy singe.

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  1. Glad you didn't hurt yourself before vacation : )