20 January 2008


I am truly blessed to have such great, awesome, and fun co-workers! We went to Chuck E Cheese for my birthday lunch...and had a blast!

I don't think I have any "normal" pictures of these folks. But then, what would be the fun in that?

Then of course, it was time to get serious for game time.

Cliff was victorious!

Josh and I have recently gone on a pretty strict budget, and in so doing we've been forced to get a little creative with our free time. The Canady parents have given us a tent for our birthdays (yes, we have the same birthday, though I am three years older), and so we decided we would not let cold weather or a strict budget prevent us from trying it out!

Makin some s'mores:
The floor was a little hard, but it was fun! =)


  1. You guys are so fun! The smore maker was a cool addition!

  2. OH SUSAN!!!!!!!!! LOGAN wants to go to chucky cheese with you next time:) When ever a chucky cheese commerical comes on he say, Go mommy, please:) I always tell him we will but the closest one is like 60 miles away:) How is the house process going???