10 February 2008

family time

Josh's parents have been visiting this weekend and we've really been having a great time just being together. I've missed these times with them of just chillin out and visiting. This is an early anniversary present we gave them. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas present and I just didn't finish it in time. It's a cross-stitch of their wedding picture.

Here it is close up:

There's a reflection of the flash on it, but you get the idea. People tell me they can't believe the patience I have to do something like this, but really, I don't feel like it takes patience b/c I really enjoy doing it. I've always enjoyed doing things with my hands and having a finished product I can be proud of. Happy Anniversary, Canadys!! (in August!)


  1. I love it!!! I will cherish it! Thanks for all your hard work! Love you girl!!!