07 April 2008

our first house!

Here it is! Josh and I are homeowners! I'm not sure when it will sink in - maybe when we pay our first mortgage payment? We are very happy and very excited. We have started to dig into getting it ready to move in. It is definitely a fixer-upper, but we are really looking forward to doing the work and making it our own. Here's some pics from our first real work day...

The classic SOLD picture

The previous owners must have held some serious sentiment toward their mailbox b/c they took it with them. That, or it was stolen, damaged, whatever. Here we are mixing the cement to install our mailbox post.

This is my mom in law helping out. She came down from Maryland and has been the Angel of Clean. She also has packed up most of my kitchen and kept up with my dishes and laundry! I told her she is not aloud to leave. Ever.

Josh had started to change the locks on our doors, and had to use wood putty. So when it was time to go get lunch and it still wasn't dry, we couldn't lock the house, so Josh stayed while we went to get food. When we came back, this is what we found. He had set up the chairs, and found a reasonable reception on the tv. Cracked me up.

Josh is becoming quite the handyman. Since some of the wood was damaged, he had to replace it.

Great job, Josh!!

We purchased a white mailbox. I'm talking, white, cloud white. I mean, bird poop white. This a very white mailbox! The reason being is that it will be very easy to paint over once we decide what color we will paint the house. =) So here I am putting our house number on the mailbox. The box didn't come with a diagram, so what is a perfectionist to do but take out the trusty tape measure and marker to find the exact place the numbers should go?

My mom in law was laughing at my anal ways, but daggone, my numbers are straight!!!


  1. Congratulations! Do you know when guys will be able to move in?

  2. Umm, so that's supposed to say 'you guys'. :)

  3. We don't have an exact date yet. We have to be moved out of the apartment by the 30th.

  4. Very proud of you both! You will learn so much! I had a blast helping! (I don't have anymore fingernails but thats ok! I came home & cleaned my porch & windows too, so it wasn't all your place!) Can't wait to see the progress! Love you's!