25 May 2008

house purchase

Today I purchased something for my house. It's great, it's grand, it's gloriously beautiful. It's something that every new homeowner dreams of.........

It's a dish-rack. Completely overpriced, in my opinion. However, I decided it's a must-have when I realized I was pulling out more dirty dishes than clean from my dishwasher. Shucks, I'm gonna miss handing over the task of dishwashing to a machine! I'm no stranger to dishwashing....as early as I can remember I was part of the dishwashing shenanigans at the homestead. I wish I could say it holds many fond memories for me, however I think most of my sibling sqabbles took place over that sink. Maybe not the majority of them, but definitely the worst of them. Something about soapy dishwater, wrinkled fingers, and painful towel slaps (is that what they're called?) used to bring the worst out in me. I do have one very good memory that sticks out among all the screaming and splashing. My dad was probably out at the barn, and my mom left to go somewhere. Before she did she cautioned my brother Daniel and I that we had better have the dishes done when she returned. She left, and we set to task. Daniel said he wanted to play a game. He wanted to see exactly how fast we could finish the dishes. He wanted to set a record. I thought this sounded like fun and so the fastest, splashiest dishwashing job ensued. I don't remember the details, just laughter, fun, and wet. Daniel had a way of doing that every once in a while. Making a job fun. So, while I don't expect to have anymore dishwashing, sibling squabbles over my new dish-rack, I do see more soapy dishwater and wrinkled fingers in my future...at least until it's time to gut my kitchen and put in a new one!


  1. I was looking for a dishpan the other day for my plant stand that has a tub that needs replaced and couldn't find one!!! You should get Shaklee dish soap so your cuticles don't get all dried out and Arbonne hand cream for sure ; )

  2. Yes, and before the "dish-pan sibling episodes" there were the Mommy/daughter dish times. And the games during that time the "I see something red" and I'm thinking of a word that starts with the "D" sound. Those were the great times for me...time that would have been missed if I had had a "machine"!!! xoxo