24 May 2008

thank god i'm a country girl

Yesterday evening was filled with a romp roarin' good time while Josh mowed the lawn and I dealt with this:

This is the patio outside our bedroom. A month or two ago we raked up a ton of leaves...and left them here.

It has since rained and rained, creating a soppy, yucky, dirty mess. And that's not all. I may not like soppy, yucky, dirty messes, but you know who does?

That's right, nobody likes me everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat worms! Please tell me you've heard that song. Oh, and also, I totally screwed up this photo when I was playing around with it so there's only a total of about two worms in this picture, but just take my word for it. It was like spaghetti under there. And, I will admit, considering all of the things that could have come crawling out of this mess, worms really aren't that bad, even if there were enough in that pile to start a freakin colony. I thought, wow, that's gross, but oh well I'll go get the gloves in the garage. After searching the garage, said gloves were nowhere to be found. I realized I would be handling this mess all-naturale. Yes, I know there's no 'e' on naturale, and no, I don't mean naked. I went back and looked at the pile thinking, Really? This is so gross! Then I heard a voice, one that I hadn't heard in a while. You chicken! You used to walk happily through cow crap in your bare feet! You had a front row seat for skinning during deer season, you let calves suck on your hands, you've had every imaginable dirt and gross substance on you at some point on the farm....and now you can't pick up worms? Okay, so I didn't really hear a voice, but these were some thoughts going through my head at the time. Growing up in the country I certainly have been into some dirty places. So, me and this guy had a heart to heart.

I know it looks like I'm pretending to eat him. That wasn't my intent on the photo, but oh well. My point is, I realized worms aren't that big o' deal, and I needed to remember my roots a little. And for that, I thank my little worm friends! Oh, and if you don't ever come back to this blog again, I understand! =)


  1. I think maybe the worms have done something to your brain : ) I too used to love the critters outside, catching crawfish in the creek and making a circle on the driveway with chalk and watching them pull each others claws off! I think you are MY daughter even though I didn't give birth to you! Love you!

  2. You mean you didn't pick up the worms...naked? Weird... :)

  3. You are funny! Sorry I missed it;)