02 August 2008


Fair warning: You might get sick of posts about my new little doggie. She's like my baby now so be prepared to see pictures, videos, and retellings of the cute things she does, and, maybe even the not so cute. But really, you can't possibly look at this face and have at least a little part of your heart melt!

This is Butter's stuffed bunny. She loves to chew on it and carry it around with her. When she came here a week ago, the bunny still had most of his appendages intact. It was just missing a leg.

This is the bunny now. I think she might need a new one soon.

Butter wakes me up promptly at 5:30 every morning. Our new routine is to take her out to the bathroom, then take her for a 10 minute walk. Well, BB, or Before Butter, Saturday was always my sleep in day. The day that I can sleep in a glorious 2 hours later than normal. So, deciding that things should be no different just because we have a dog now, I got up at 5:30, took her out to the bathroom, then put her in the upstairs bedroom that we've sort of dubbed "Butter's Room" during the day when we have to leave her alone. I thought, just two more hours of sleep, then I'll take her out. Those two extra hours of sleep were wonderful. The state of the bedroom at the end of those two hours, however, was not. Let's just say, I'm glad we're getting new carpet anyway, glad Butter seems to be healthy and her bodily functions working properly, and glad she tired of gnawing on wood after two small corners. I've learned my lesson. As wonderful as those extra hours were, I will gladly give them up to keep Butter good and exercised! This is her after our long walk tonight!

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