20 September 2008

11 weeks

Well here it is, the start of the ever popular baby bump pictures. Almost through the first trimester. I still can't believe it. This last month has been the longest ever. I'm sick ALL the time. I'm just praying the second trimester will prove to be easier like everyone says it will be.

Josh and I have been going through boxes and clothes all day getting ready for our yard sale next weekend. We are going on a selling spree to try to raise money to get our car fixed and do some things on the house. Yay!

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  1. how times have changed!!! I didn't even TELL ANYONE that I was pregnant until I had to start wearing maternity clothers!!! I thinking it was 3 months or so. Then some women in the church (up in New York) said that they KNEW that I was pregnant "by the look in your eyes"!!! Not sure what they meant, I couldn't see any difference in them!!

    Praying for you "three". Wish you lived close by so that I could SEE you in person!!!

    Aunt Sally is selling the nursery that they have in their model house that has been Uncle Don's office. Would you be interested?? email me.

    Much love, Mom