02 October 2008

food and southern phrasing

Two things. The phones are pretty slow today, and since I'm going on 8.5 hours of sleep (it may sound blissful to you but trust me, it's not enough), I have been resting between calls. Before my last call, I realized after the fact that I had been thinking, I mean really thinking long and hard, about how much I wish we had some bacon at home b/c if we did I would make myself a toasty BLT sandwich when I get there. Then I found myself thinking about the different tastes of the bacon, lettuce, tomato, toasty bread, and how wonderful they taste when put together. Mmmmm. I think I will make Josh stop on the way home so we can pick up some bacon.

Secondly, I have heard a fair share of southern phrasing in the year that we have lived here. "I might could...", "I ain't got but...", "I'm all tore up...", but my favorite is when I ask my cusomer on the phone if they need anything else (especially if it's an older man) and he says, "Nope, that'll git it!"

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  1. my friend, I don't know how to tell you this but 8.5 hours of sleep will soon be a blessed memory! I would give my, let's see....probably my left big toe for 8 hours of sleep! :) Enjoy it while you can.....it's coming to end soon.
    Can you tell I was up til three last night with the munchkin? :)
    Love you,