29 October 2008

water, water, everywhere!

I am a daddy's girl, through and through. I was never a "girly girl". Climbing trees, riding bikes and traipsing around barefoot in cow poop were more appealing to me than your typical girl-like activities. My mom felt the need to remind me on several occasions that I was, indeed, a girl. Somehow wrestling with my brother in the hallway didn't appear to be too ladylike. That said, I followed my dad everywhere. Feeding the cows, running conveyors, in the tractor bailing hay....I was his shadow a lot of days. My dad is a very quiet man. Solid in character, a man of few words, and known for the zingers. You know what I mean. Those little one liner jokes that, if you're not listening closely, you may just miss. One of the coolest places on our farm, I thought, was the underground tunnel that connected the barn to the silo. This is how we fed the cows, on conveyor belts running from the silo with the grain (or whatever it was) to their pens. Well, for some reason unknown to my small little mind, the area around the silo under there always got a little flooded with who knows what. I would say water, but, well it's a farm and pretty much anything goes. Now, I'm sure this happened more than once, but I remember one time in particular on one of our many trips down through the tunnel. I don't know if maybe I commented on the flooded floor or if my dad just broke into verse, but here is what he said: "Water, water, everywhere, someone lost their underwear!" As a small child, I remember thinking that this was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my short life. I laughed and laughed, and if I remember right, my dad just smiled. =)

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  1. Oh, Susan! I love your parents! Please tell them I said hello. :) Give your belly a pat for me, too.