06 November 2008

susan's two hours of early morning fun:

3:47 am - wake up to a very loud growling creature in my bed, my hungry stomach.

3:50 am - after three minutes of trying to will myself back to sleep, got up.

3:52 am - went to the bathroom (AGAIN).

4:00 am - scrounged the kitchen, came out with peanut butter toast.

4:10 am - attempted to fall asleep.

4:10 to 4:30 - Butter clickity-clacked around in her cage (her nails need cut) around and around and around til I'm sure she collapsed from sheer dizziness.

4:30 am - had a very bizarre dream that involved me and a flying oldsmobile.

5:00 am - woke up to a furry feline walking on my head.

5:15 am - pet said feline, listening to him purr away.

5:30 am - more clickety-clacks.

6:00 am - turned off alarm.

6:10 am - got up.

I know, you wish more posts were like this.


  1. oh, the joys of pregnancy, and pet ownership ;) peanut butter is a good choice for late night, lots of protein. i would usually end up keep granola bars and cereal bars on hand to choke down during those late night/early morning hours. try to stay away ;)

  2. try being this tired with a one-year old and a five year old in the picture, too! Yeah, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to be extremely tired the rest of my life. My new life dream is seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.....seven hours. I'd probably even settle for six. Or five. :) Hang in there, friend....this stage doesn't last forever....thank God! :) Love you!