31 December 2008

26 weeks

The holidays are quickly passing by and our little munchkin will be here before we even know it. My next appointment is in two weeks. I was a little mixed up and thought my sugar test was at the last appointment, but it's scheduled for this next time, so we'll see. Things seem to be progressing well. I feel Daisy move a lot, it seems! Honey and Eden were lucky enough to feel her too when we were with them over Christmas. Such a cool thing! I love when other people get to feel her too. Josh bought me a HUGE pregnancy pillow for Christmas and I've been loving it. He also bought me the glider that will go in Daisy's room - so fun! I've been spending time putting together a couple of baby registries. I think it's more for my benefit than guests at the baby showers. It helps me try to keep organized with what we need - there's so much stuff! Other than that, nothing really new to report.

I hope everyone will have a safe, happy, and fun New Year! I know I will cuz I got a hot date! =)

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