05 March 2009

35 weeks

Daisy and I had a check up on Tuesday. Everything is still good. The midwife said if I go to full term that Daisy will be a good sized baby. She ordered a sonogram for me in a couple weeks to get an estimated fetal weight. Josh and I are two classes down and 4 to go with our childbirth classes. We watched some births in our last class....it was very....informative. =) Looking forward to the weekend...


  1. Are you doing a home birth? A good friend from church is a midwife; she's expecting and due at the beginning of June. Since her husband is serving overseas right now (military), she asked if I would come be a part of her home birth - there will be another midwife there; I'm not there to deliver, but to be a support for her. I'm looking forward to it. Praying for you! You look adorable! Love you, Susie!

  2. definitely the last month is the time one should sit down and prop you feet WAY up...in fact lying down with them proped up is best..when the ankles are that huge, it makes you miserable all over!! gotta drain that fluid...cut the sodium (i.e. pizza is loaded!!) and Pee, pee, pee!!! Try and keep as much fluid off as possible for that BIG event!! Love and prayers..