25 June 2009

stomach muscles and giggles

Yesterday Daisy helped me go through my clothes. She was a huge help. I tried some on and she helped me decide which ones could stay and which ones had to go. I couldn't have done it without her.

Apparently Daisy wanted to work on her abs yesterday as well. I sat her up on the couch and she kept lifting herself up and bending over, grunting all the while. I tried putting her back in a sitting position and she just kept bending forward. So cute. If the picture doesn't quite do it for ya, here's a video:

I am forever making up little songs for Daisy. She loves it when I act goofy and crazy. She's been giggling for a few weeks now, but today I finally captured a small part of it on camera. She gets completely fascinated with the camera and so sometimes it can be hard to get her smiles....

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