18 March 2010

husband kudos

Let me just say, the hubster has done it again. He tackles a project he's never done before, comes across countless obstacles along the way, and in the end comes out with a finished and completely functional result.

Our cats, who were once our babies and since Daisy has come along have been demoted back to cats - we still love them, of course, just with a little less attention now. Anyway, our cats' litter box is in the basement. I was very excited when we moved here that we would have an out of the way, not in our living space, area for their box. However, with Daisy crawling, almost walking and exploring EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE....keeping the basement door open was obviously out of the question. We considered installing a gate, but all I could think about was her flipping herself over it. So, Josh decided he would just buy a door (since our landlord wasn't too keen on the idea of us cutting a hole in their solid wood door) and install a pet door. Easy, right? Not so much. After much hard work, frustration, blood, sweat and tears....well, minus the blood and tears, we now have a CLOSED basement door with a cute little pet door for our furry friends to use at their leisure...

So why, you may ask, is the pet door propped open? Well, apparently thinking the cats will use the door without a problem and it actually happening are two different things. We shoved Yahtzee through a few times, and he seems to have caught on. The little one, however, is still staying on one side of the door or the other until we help him through. I don't know what the deal is. I even left him in the basement all night with his food dish on the other side of the door, thinking he would get hungry enough to venture through, but so far no go. I really hope he gets it soon. Dumb cat. Dumb, loveable, cute little cat.

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