28 March 2010

a teensy eensy CVS deal

So I went to CVS the other night and realized that I must live in an area of couponers b/c every single thing I went to get was GONE!!! So I guess I'll have to make my trip to CVS a bit earlier in the week, if possible. While I was in the store, WAY too long I might add. I told the husband that this better start getting easier b/c I can't spend an hour in each store every week! Anyhoo, while I was in there I did find a couple of things and since I had my trusty coupon binder with me I was able to flip to the right page, pull out the coupon for the sale I saw and voila! I did make a tiny boo boo in that the coupon for the dish soap I thought was a dollar off one, which would have gotten me four free bottles, but it was actually a dollar off two, which still got me these eight bottles for .46 cents each. The soap I think was .49 cents for each 3-pack. That makes my total $4.95 after tax. I'm not sure of my savings b/c I don't have my receipt right here and with my bad back I don't feel like taking half an hour to go to the next room to get it so....I think it's enough to say this was under five bucks!

I also went to Walgreens. A couple things are missing from this picture. First, two packs of bacon which I had already put in the freezer and forgot about. Second, there is only one bottle of lotion pictured, but there should be two. It was a buy one lotion get the other free, but they were out of the "free" one. They gave me a rain check, which they said they don't normally do on free items, but they are this time. So now I get to go back in within the next 30 days when they have it back in stock and pick up my free bottle of lotion! There is also only one donut tape dispenser, and I should have two! Cashier must have missed putting it in my bag. They were .29 cents each. I was a little flustered on this trip b/c I did three separate transactions so that I could have three different receipts for my mail in rebates. So, b/c of that I missed a .55 cent coupon, and realized after the fact I should have done four transactions instead of three. Hopefully I can get it straightened out but if not I will be missing out on 7 bucks. =( So assuming things go the way I want them to, here's the deal...

The Almay makeup remover was....drumroll....$1.99 each!! These are usually around $5.99, and they are the only makeup remover that I like so I was stoked to find this! The Olay lotion was $7.99, I had a coupon for a dollar off. If you bought this lotion you also got the in shower lotion for free. So...the in shower lotion is free, and after my rebate of $7.99, I'll be making a buck! Cleaning supplies. Each cleaner was $2.50, I had a coupon for dollar off each one. So I paid out of pocket $13.50. SC Johnson is doing a rebate of $5 for every three of their products you buy so...I'll be getting back $15, which gets me these cleaners for free, plus $1.50! Okay totals. After the rebates, total spent: $18.99 Total saved: $53.40!

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