29 March 2011

cvs fun!

Here is what I bought at CVS this morning:

Total money out of my pocket? $9.12 + tax. Here is how I did it:

Transaction #1
Stuffing-.77 each. Used two .50/1 (.50 off 1 item) coupons. .27 each.
Axe Shower Gels-3.79 ea. Used two B1G1 coupons,+ got $5 ECB for spending $15 (before coupons) on Dove products. .65 ea.
1 Colgate Toothbrush-2.99. Used 1/1 coupon + got 2 ECB. FREE
Cadbury Minis .87 ea. Store promo B1G1. .44 ea.
Cadbury Egg Singles .87 ea. Store promo B1G1. .44 ea.
Subtotal: $12.13
Minus my ECBs from my last trip, $11.99
Total out of pocket: $.14 + tax. Also got a bonus ECB that printed off for $4!

Transaction #2
1 Colgate Toothbrush-2.99. Used 1/1 coupon. Got $2 ECBs. FREE
6 Snickers Egg Singles-.50 ea. Used three 1/2 coupons. FREE
Total out of pocket: $1.99 + tax.

Transaction #3
Tangled DVD on sale for $19.99 plus got 3 ECBs. $16.99
Subtotal: $19.99
Used all my ECBs from Transaction #1 - $13
Total out of pocket: $6.99 + tax!

On a side note, it pays to stick to your guns when it comes to couponing! If a coupon does not specify a size, you can use it on ANY size of that item! Here is the coupon I used on those Snickers Egg Singles:

As commonly happens, the cashier told me that I could not use this coupon on the eggs b/c it is only for those bags of candy in the picture. I kindly pointed out to her that the coupon says, "$1 off ANY 2 Mars candy" and it does not specify a size. She then tried saying that the eggs were only .50 each and the coupons were for a dollar off. I let her know they are a dollar off 2. (And even so, they will usually either mark the coupon down to the price or give you overage into the rest of your purchase, but that's beside the point.) She called her manager over, asked him, and after briefly glancing at the coupon told me the same thing. This coupon actually saved me by putting all that tiny print on it, because I was able to find in that tiny print where it listed Snickers Cream Egg Singles. He looked at the coupon for a good, full minute before he finally conceded that they had to let me use the coupon. I'm not a fighter, but if I know I'm right, you're gonna give me my dag-gum free Snickers eggs!! =D

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