14 July 2011

my first curtains

Here is my latest project!

We have lived in this apartment for one year and twelve days. I have been saying I am going to make curtains for Daisy's room for one year and 11 days. It took all of two days to complete.

I had actually planned on doing a different kind of curtain. I had a pattern and everything. Please keep in mind, I have never made curtains before, and am a novice seamstress. I measured, I added, I subtracted, multiplied, divided, punched numbers into a formula several times until I was sure I had it. I figured out how much material I needed to make these super cute curtains with tabs at the top. I went to JoAnn's, used my trusty 50% off coupon and got this SUPER cute fabric. Started my project and wouldn't ya know, I was about 4-6 inches short. So at that point I pretty much just scrapped the pattern, watched a video on youtube and did the most basic, simple curtain possible. And funny enough, I think I like these better than I would have the other ones. Daisy loves them.

Can't ya tell? Little goober wouldn't pose for me.

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