18 February 2013

tp anyone?

I usually have a bottom price that I will pay for things.  I finally got smart and started a running spreadsheet of items I consistently buy and the lowest price I have paid for them.  This makes things so much easier when I am perusing blogs and finding deals to know if what I am finding really is a good deal, a great deal, or a not so great deal.  I also usually have a go-to item in the case that we run out of something before I am able to find a good coupon deal for it.  For instance, if we run out of toilet paper, I go to WalMart and pick up their pack of 12 rolls for $4.96.  This comes to .41/roll, so that is usually what I compare to when finding coupon deals on toilet paper.  If I can get it cheaper at WalMart, I pass up the coupon deal.  The other day I hit the couponing jackpot when I found a deal for this Angel Soft at Staples (who knew they sell toilet paper? guess I just never noticed) - .24/roll! That's a stock up price!  Meaning, I bought as many as I possibly could at that price so that hopefully we won't have to buy anymore until another great deal comes along.  I don't go crazy with couponing.  I don't go out and buy 20 papers every week.  I don't dumpster dive (yes, people really do that).  I usually just buy 3 papers a week (at the Dollar Tree for $1!), and sometimes family/friends will give me their coupon inserts.  So you won't see me buying hundreds of one item, but I did buy 4 packs of 24 rolls of toilet paper!  I'm still waiting for the cleaning/organizing fairy to do her job and find a place to store them.  Right now they are stacked up on our bench at the top of the stairs.  But hey, we won't be running out anytime soon!  :)

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