25 October 2007

cuddly cat

This is our cat who thinks he's not a cat, but in fact, a person. Seriously, he meows at us like he's actually talking, and he cuddles up to us like a little kid. Most cats are picky, and will cuddle only on their own terms. Not Yahtzee. Yes, that's right, his name is Yahtzee. Yahtzee will let us flop him around as much as we want. He does have a limit, but usually lets us know gently. He is a great pet. We got him as a kitten a month after we got married, so we really don't remember much of a married life without him! =)


  1. Yahtzee is definately a good cat! I miss him too : )

  2. I remember the days in Collomore when Josh would get so mad at that cat when he would run around the apartment and wake him up from his slumber. I'm glad they made it through that rough patch and are now living happily ever after.