17 October 2007

new hobby

Well, not exactly new. I've always loved to bake. I prefer baking the crazy, calorie-infested desserts to cooking the healthy, good-for-you meals. So recently, like within the past six months or so, I've become slightly more interested in cake decorating. This burger was the first in my branching out from the regular ol' cake in a pan. Unfortunately I cannot claim originality with that.....

.....or this one. I got the ideas from a book called "Birthday Cakes For Kids". It has some really cute cakes in it. I plan on making each one eventually. The frog I made for Josh's nephew Zeke's birthday last April. The burger I just did for fun while Josh and I were living with his parents for a time in March or April.

Ok, don't laugh. This one, like the burger, was also just for fun. I was bored one day. So the cake wasn't as smooth and level after it was iced as it looked before I did all the work. Oh well. It tasted just as good.

Now this is a first for me. I was elected to bake a cake for a small party we threw for our boss yesterday for National Boss Day. I decided, perfect time to try something new I've never done before, right? I must say, it turned out good as far as being smooth and no lumps, however, the design of the top of the cake is a little wanting. I didn't realize before I opened the fondant how quickly it dries out. I was working with four different colors so it became very difficult to keep them from drying out on me. So, I had to slap it on the cake before I really thought out what I was going to do. It says, "WE heart TB". No, not tuberculosis. It's my boss' initials. Anyways, that's my exploration through cake decorating thus far. I plan on taking a class at our Michael's store down the road as soon as they're offering it again.


  1. Mmmm... And I got to eat every one!

  2. They are delicious cakes too, I can attest to that!