14 October 2007

While the Man's away...

I don't even WANT to know how many calories are in this wonderful, mouth-watering concoction. Josh is working an evening shift tonight, so I saw the opportunity to do/taste some things that I don't normally do/taste when he is around, simply b/c his stomach churns at the thought of it. So here I sit, savoring my gyro (pronounced YEER-o, and make sure you roll the R - there are many different ways people deem necessary to mutilate this word, but this is the pronunciation I've gotten from every Greek I've asked so, humor me, pronounce it my way) while blogging, with the strains of GREASE playing in the background. It was quite a venture to find my gyro. We've lived in Nashville going on five months now, and until tonight my exploring was always accompanied by my other half. So, when I got the craving for a delicious gyro, I knew it was all up to me. I found a Greek sandwich shop online that looked pretty good, googled the directions, and set out. It was just starting to get dark, so I knew searching street numbers was going to be a little difficult. I found where I thought it should be, but the shop was no where around. No worries, I just decided I would head back in the direction of home, keeping my eyes out for something that peaked my fancy. Unfortunately, my entire ride home all I saw were the normal fast food joints. I relented to Subway, and decided on the one just down the road. With my keen sense of direction, I went the wrong way at the intersection next to my apartment complex. As I pulled into the plaza across the street from my house to turn around, I saw this shop with a shining halo over it. It read, "Kebob Gyro". Can you believe it? Right across the street. Anyways, long story short, it's not the best gyro I've had, but definitely in the top three.

So this blogging thing is cool. Although I think it will end up being more for my own entertainment than anything else. I'm sure some meaningful info will make it's way in amongst the meaningless drivel, so do check in from time to time! For now, it's time to hand jive, baby! =)


  1. I like to pronounce it Ji-row or guy-row for fun!!! :o) Blogging can become addicting!! It has for me at least! Welcome to blogland!!

  2. You and your father in law are so ALIKE!!! He loves Gyros too, and he does get lost or take a wrong turn quite often too : ) Love your blog! I need to get busy and start one, Josh set me all up!