09 December 2007

thanksgiving in 'pah' part 1

I LOVE flying! I am always excited to get on a plane and take off flying high above the clouds. There is just something about it, being up and surrounded by a part of God's creation that you aren't normally surrounded by on a regular basis. This picture was snapped from our seats somewhere between Nashville and Pittsburgh, PA. Home! We had an awesome time with my family during this special holiday. We were able to see my brother, Robbie, and his family, my parents, my aunt Reba, my very amazing friend Amanda, and numerous other family and church friends that I have not seen in a very long time!We had our Thanksgiving dinner a day late, on Friday. My dad had to work on Thanksgiving, and my brother and his wife have her family over to their house on Thanksgiving Day, so this just worked out best for us. In this pic is hubby Josh, dad (Vern), mom (Lois), niece (Dreama), niece (Kimmy), nephew (Robbie jr), brother (Robbie sr), sis in law (Donna). I am so very thankful for my family! Josh, I am thankful for you b/c you fill my life to overflowing and I am happy just being with you. You make me want to follow God and be a better person. Dad, I am thankful for you b/c you have shown me what it means to love unconditionally, to work hard, and to stand strong on my faith and beliefs. Mom, I am thankful for you b/c you have shown me what it means to be determined, to never give up, and to know where my strength truly comes from. Dreama, I am thankful for you b/c you demonstrate what it means to truly care for all of God's creatures, and also what it means to put your whole heart into something. Kimmy, I am thankful for you b/c you remind me of the importance of laughter. Your giggle can make anyone smile. Robbie jr, I am thankful for you b/c you show what it means to care for family. Most big brothers would write off the younger ones, but the way you obviously love and treat your sisters is something those other big brothers should take note of. Robbie sr, I am thankful for you b/c you have always loved me, even when I was a brat to you, you still treated me with gentleness and kindness. Now with a family of your own I see that love and gentleness come out in different and stronger ways. Donna, I am thankful for you b/c you not only put up with this crazy family, but you have also graciously become a part of it, and have brought such great happiness to my brother, giving him a beautiful and amazing family! I am also, of course, VERY thankful for those of my family who are not pictured here. I would not be what I am today if it weren't for all of my family. I love you all very much!!!!

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