17 December 2007

thanksgiving in 'pah' part iii: cute kiddos

I am so thankful that I was able to travel with my mom across the state to see my brother Daniel and his family. Josh's parents had picked him up on their way through from NY and took him to MD to see friends and family since he will only be able to be there for a short weekend over Christmas. So, to get him back we met at Daniel's in Leesport. Somehow, after I've come away from a visit there, I always have a million pictures of their kids, and not any of Daniel and Kate. It's not that I don't love Daniel and Kate, it's just that their kids are so darn cute! =) I mean, check this out:

a profile shot; a little distracted by sesame street

The kids LOVED uncle Josh! Madelyn went through a phase where he kind of scared her, but now both of them couldn't love him more!~

Elijah is two years old. Him and I were "fighting" over Josh. We were going back and forth: "My Josh!" "No, MY Josh!". After doing this a few times he got this pitiful look on his face and he said to me, "But I love him!" Speaking for Josh, if that doesn't boost your ego I'm not sure what will! =)

and how could I forget, buddies, Sampson and Simon...

Unfortunately, no pictures of my brother and Kate, but like I said, their kids are so darn cute!!! Sorry, Daniel and Kate, you know I love you though. ;)

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