18 December 2007

thanksgiving in 'pah' part iv: cookies/buck

The first day of hunting season was always a fun day for me growing up. My dad and brothers would go hunting, and I would stay in and make Christmas cookies! We always had the day off from school b/c, well, it was the first day of buck season! Hel-lo! This year I had fun making cookies with Dreama and Kimmy while Robbie Jr went out with my brother and dad. Congratulations to my growing-up-way-too-fast nephew, Robbie, on his first buck!!

The girls were pros in the kitchen.

Well, ok, so the first batch we made from the wrong recipe and ended up with a sticky mess that wouldn't roll out, then when we found the right recipe we were out of butter b/c we used it in the first recipe.

After a few phone calls to my mom who had gone to work, we finally were able to whip up a tasty treat!

These are a few of my favorites from my batch....

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