14 January 2008

help yourself

So I have been slacking big time on blogging. So sorry. I guess the biggest story at this point in our lives is that we now have our car back, safe and sound, in our possession. If you keep up with Josh's blog, then you already heard the story, but in case you haven't, his car was "stolen" from our apartment a little over a month ago. Last week as we were going through the process of getting compensated from our insurance company, we came to find out that it had been illegally towed. The tags were expired, so yes, had they gone through the proper procedures they could have taken it away all legal-like. However, the towing company failed to go through the proper motions. They didn't have any of the signed papers they're supposed to get when towing a car, and they failed to notify the proper people and all that. On top of it all our apartment complex were the ones that reported the expired tags, but didn't bother to tell us where our car went. We had reported it stolen to the police. Since the towing company didn't notify the state they towed the car, the police didn't know it was towed either, so here we sat for a month waiting for them as they looked for our stolen car. We found out, not through our apartment complex, but through our insurance company that it was the apartment manager that had it towed. When confronted he denied not going through proper procedure. They had fraudulent paperwork stating they warned us by tagging our car that it would be towed if we didn't renew the tags. He couldn't seem to understand why we reported it stolen to the police when our car just wasn't there one day. So, we're not best friends. Kudos to my husband for sticking to his guns and not giving up when they threatened to charge us $300, then $700 for getting the car back. Long story short, there were some auto theft detectives involved and they made things happen so we got our car back for the $65 towing fee only, and our insurance will cover that. Now we get to go through the fun of emissions and registering and all that mess. Whoopie!!!

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