26 February 2008

my weekend

On Saturday, Josh and I went with our small group (or village, as our church calls it) to a small, country church in Fairview, TN. This church had started to prepare hot food. We boxed up carton upon carton of hot meals, cold sandwiches, bread, and desserts, and loaded them into our vehicles. We started off down the road, looking for people who were working outside, sawing trees, clearing debris, and picking through what was left of their belongings. These were tornado victims, many who had lost everything, some who just had major damage. One of the first families we came upon was a man, his wife, and their little boy. They were picking through their things and placing the salvageable things in a pile, just feet from where their foundation was, and where their house used to be. Many we came upon had tired faces that washed over with relief when we told them we had some hot lunch to give them. We also prayed over everyone we met. It was such an amazing and humbling experience. I won't soon forget the things we saw or the people we met. Please pray for these people as they try to put their lives back together.

I was baffled every time we saw whole hillsides with leveled trees.

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