27 February 2008


I just wanted to put up a little disclaimer. There is a paragraph in my blog I wrote, in wake up call that may have been misconstrued.

"It is a running joke in my family that we are not a people of communication. It is not uncommon for me to find out some major health issue one of my family members incurred two or three weeks ago. I can go months and months without talking to any of my family and not think twice about it. If it weren't for the unending avenues of the internet and family websites, I would know zilch as to what's going on in their lives. The in laws in my family have been baffled (and gracious) as one by one they have been introduced to this crazy phenomenon, and each has had to adjust in their own way to "go with the flow", while not going crazy trying to figure us out. If you don't understand how we can be this way, you might want to quit trying b/c I'm not totally sure I understand it either."

It was pointed out to me that I could be comparing my family with Josh's family, and that it painted the picture that I preferred his family over mine. This is not at all what I intended!!!! I was simply talking about my awesome sisters in law that have married my brothers. Marrying into a family is an adjustment, to say the least. There are always adjustments you have to make, and the way that my family communicates with each other was one of those adjustments.

I'm so sorry if anyone was hurt by my inability to say what I was saying more clearly! I love you all SO much!!!!

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