06 June 2008

happy national doughnut day, er donut day, uh....

How do you spell donut, anyway? Either way, I think it's a wonderful, amazing thing to have a National Doughnut Day. You can read about it here. My wedding cake was a Krispe Kreme donut cake, and it was A M A Z I N G. This wasn't mine in particular as none of my wedding pictures are online, but this was the one I found that looks the closest to what we had. Doesn't this just make your mouth water?

I guess if you don't like donuts this won't make your mouth water. I, however, cannot imagine not liking donuts. Hey! Someone just walked into the office with a box of donuts! Excuse me.


  1. Man alive! Oh all days for me to miss work! Who brought them? I will have to have a talk with them. :)

  2. I remember that cake : ) So does your Dad and father-in-law I'm sure! People are still talking about it! Very fun and delicious!!!