11 June 2008

reality check

My cat. His name is Yahtzee. He is very unique. While he does have some cat-like qualities, he has many quirky things about him that just sort of make me slip over to the crazy side and think, Maybe he's part human! Here, let me show you....

He likes to hang out.

Sometimes hanging out is exhausting.

He helps with laundry.

He watches TV.

He folds the sheets.

He likes to cuddle.

He likes to cuddle while napping.

More chillin out. He likes to be draped over the couch.

He takes family portraits.

He likes camping.

He wears ties.

He plays hide and seek.

He sleeps on his back.

He looks at magazines (he says he likes them for the articles).

He plays the piano.

He plays bass.

And THEN, right on the tail end of that thought, Maybe he is part human! He does something like THIS

and I am reminded that he is, absolutely, positively, completely and totally all CAT!

1 comment:

  1. Very funny!!! He is part human I think too, I wouldn't have thought it when he first came into the family but with your guys upbringing he is turning into a special kitty : )