18 June 2008

some places that i love

I have had the opportunity to travel to a few different places. Some I have just traveled through, some I have stayed a while. Of those places, that I can think of, are Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Alabama, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Mexico, Amsterdam, Austria, Albania. I don't know if I'm forgetting any, but those are the ones that come to mind. Out of that list are a few places that I have been more than a couple times, and that I will hopefully be able to go back to again and again....

This is a shot of a Pennsylvania farm. I don't know where this is exactly, but it looks very much like the land where I grew up. I don't think that I could have grown up in any other place. It suited me. I was a country girl, that's for sure, and I love going back to visit!

This is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland. I met Josh at Washington Bible College, and we got engaged two days before my graduation...on this beach...that's the bay bridge in the background.

In the four and a half years I spent living on the eastern shore, I've fallen in love with it and am often a little homesick for it now that I live here in Nashville...which brings me to another cool place I love...

Nashville, TN!!

Winter Park, Colorado. Along with becoming part of Josh's family I have found that I like to ski! We have gone to Winter Park two times now and I just can't say enough about the beautiful, fluffy whiteness! The mountains are just breathtaking.

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