14 June 2008

welcome to my mind (yikes!)

A few things on my mind right now:


Oh sweet sassy, this can't come fast enough! Josh and I are taking a week to travel to Merry Land and Pennsyltucky to visit our families! It's been around six months since we've seen them...for some it's been longer. It's been fun to keep this count down on the dry erase board in the kitchen. As you can see, we have 21 days until we leave...and of course a note to myself for the proper equivalent of dry to cooked rice when I make white rice in my rice cooker....mmmm....white rice...and kimchee! Man, I'm hungry....okay, sorry for that trail, although, this is a blog about what's on my mind right now, so I can type anything! =) Just kidding..next!

2. GO rent this movie. Right now. Are you going? You can finish reading this when you get back. Trust me, it's worth it.

I just LOVE the concept that is all through this movie about hearing music in everything if we just listen and acknowledging how that within music we can find a deep communication. Freddie Highmore is a great little actor as well. You can watch the trailer here.

3. Most disappointing movie of the year so far...

Josh and I are both HUGE fans of M. Night Shyamalan, so anytime he has a new movie coming out we both drool over the previews until opening night. Well, this time we waited for a matinee to save a few bucks, and man, what a let-down!! The story was okay, but the acting was horrible! I'm so sorry, Mark Wahlberg, you know I love you, but the action flicks suit you better! We've decided that this won't deter us from seeing more M.Night movies, since this is the first one we haven't liked of his.

4. Small accomplishment - I've lost 11 pounds! It may not seem like much, but I'm working my butt off at the Y 5 days a week, and will soon start implementing some things I'm learning in this book...

It just has some very simple and sensible advise. I've also been following a running plan. One of the biggest things I've learned so far since I've gotten back into running, is the importance of listening to your body and then acting accordingly. I haven't been very active since high school/college and so it's been an adjustment realizing that the way I was then is not the way I am now, and I'm not just talking about being bigger and fatter. I'm talking about the communication between mind and body. When I was younger, pushing myself had no limits. I'm realizing that now that I'm older I can't just push myself as far as my mind wants me to go. For example, I tried to follow this running schedule for "beginners" several months ago. It started out okay. I was tired, but completing the steps, so I felt accomplishment. Then, week three rolled around and I noticed that I not only found I couldn't keep up with the increasing intensity on the schedule, but I was also starting to steadily decline in what I was able to do. I wasn't just tired, I was exhausted and felt like I was hit by a truck 15 minutes into it. My joints started aching. I felt like I was old. This inevitably caused me to get discouraged, and made it easy to start missing workouts. What I found is that this is a common mistake with recreational runners: too much too soon. I'm also reading this book...

...which is where I read about the importance of listening to your body. Now, I am still following the beginner's running schedule, but if the workouts are still kickin my batooshkie at the end of the week, I don't worry about advancing and repeat that week over. I'm finding that it's done amazing things for my drive, too. I don't get discouraged. Oh, and as you can see, Yahtzee is thinking about taking up running as well. I just snapped this about 2 minutes ago...

5. Money stinks. You can't live without it, and it's so hard to manage! At least for me. Josh and I have started a new budget suggested by Dave Ramsey. We are in the second half of the first month and so far it's working out pretty good. We would love to be able to become debt-free and never use credit cards ever again. We are really hoping our house will help us out in this area. Speaking of the house, nothing new has happened for a while due to said new budget plan, but I will definitely update as we do things! Okay, that's about all that's on my mind right now. Relieved? I am, this laptop is hot on my legs. I think I'll go sit in front of the fan....


  1. I hear you on the money thing! Dean and I have been getting out of debt the Dave way too. Dean has every Dave book ever written but going through Financial Peace University was the best thing we ever did. Downside, you have to save up to take the course! It was SOOO worth it though. It really has helped in so many ways and we are on our way to being debt free. Slow because we have no wiggle room, hence my 2nd occupation, but we are getting there. It's hard, especially when people want to go to lunch at work! Sometimes there are weak moments when you need reassuance, come see me and I will talk it through with you. You may need to help me with this more often than me helping you. I am weak when it comes to food. It calls my name and I cave almost every time....

  2. I love your blog...makes me miss you though, but glad to get my Susan fix! Can't wait to see you's!!!

  3. I loved August RUSH!!!! Soooo good. Jason and I just watched, The Ultimate Gift. You'll have to check that one out too. Also, CONGRATS on losing 11 pounds!!! That is sooooooo great! Keep up the good work!!!