25 July 2008

vacation part two

For the second half of our vacation we went to Maryland to visit with Josh's family. Also a fun time! A little more busy than PA, but great to be around the fam once again.

Some crazy kiddos!

Sweet, adorable, little Gracie. Look at that face! Just has love written all over it, doesn't it? =)

Here, this is better

CRABS!!!!! One of the things Josh and I miss most about the eastern shore are the crabs! Soooo good! We knew a feast had to be on the agenda and we chose it for our anniversary day!

Holding up four fingers for "four years" on our anniversary.

Ice cream night at DQ!! I absolutely LOVE ice cream! I think the kids enjoyed it too...

I have no explanation for this shot.

The day we left. We flew out that night, but for lunch after church we went out to eat. My friend Amanda was able to come with us! I'm so glad I got to see her!

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  1. I like your hair. Glad you had a great vacation-those are some cute kiddos!