24 July 2008

vacation part one

I am finally getting around to posting our vacation pics. We had such an awesome time with our families! We miss them all so much! First stop, Pennsylvania! We stayed with my brother and his wife and their extremely cute kiddos. Here are some pics of them...

Computer time

Blue-eyed Beauty

Sometimes ya just gotta putchyer feet in the air.

Sweet, baby blues

My mom and dad were even able to come for one night. I was glad we got to see them too! Before you scan these next photos, keep in mind that for some reason, over the course of the last few years I have acquired this problem of closing my eyes in photos. Just wanted to clarify why I look so freaked out in these pics. I mean, not that I have ever been that photogenic anyway, but wow. It provides some entertainment when taking pictures, that's for sure. Usually, if I pose with my eyes as wide as I can get them, by the time the flash goes off they are of normal size. Unfortunately this does not work every time, as you can see.

Mommy and me

Daddy and me

This is Daisy. The newest addition to their family.

The night before we left, Kate and I played beauty salon and she colored my hair. We laughed about how she tried to turn me into her b/c the color is the same as hers.

I kinda like it though.

I hate goodbyes. Hate them. I hate crying. And I really hate crying in front of other people, family or not. And I miss these people soo much! I kept myself busy during these moments, snapping the camera. That way I didn't sob uncontrollably. =)

Here the kids are taking their turn with Grandma and Grandad.

Mother and son. My mom was tearing up herself here. I'm pretty sure it's no secret that she is the source of my over-stimulated tear ducts. Hey, who else will weep their way through the Hallmark movies, if not for us? That's my justification and I'm sticking to it. Amen, and amen.

One last hug, you can never get enough.

"Good-bye, Grandma!"

Josh and I left the next day. His dad came and picked us up to take us to the second half of our va-cay. My brother wasn't there, we had said goodbye to him earlier. At this point, the tears came. Silently, but in a torrent. Look at them, they're like their own little Hallmark movie, standing there. Sweet family. I love them! Until we meet again...

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