14 July 2008

what not to say

What you probably should not say to someone in welcoming them home for a visit:

"Hi! Looks like Nashville is feeding you well!"


I will never understand, and I guess this is the intuitive introvert talking, how a person can just blurt something out without thinking about it first. Ah well, it provided some minor entertainment as an afterthought.

Ironically, I've lost about 10 pounds since the last visit.


  1. I want to clarify that it was NOT your mother in law that said that!!! You know some people have no tact...this particular person does this weekly to your father in law ; ) You look GREAT by the way! Keep up the good work! Love you!

  2. Nice casual reference to your MBTI training! Makes me proud! Remember that extraverts speak to think, and that takes some of the sting out it by making the comment less personal.

    Sort of like the lady at church that compared my loss of vision to how her friend's dog went blind...hmmm...not...quite the same thing...

  3. Susan!! I'm sorry some people are so clueless...I had an experience something like Daniels...and I still haven't figured out if I should laugh or just smack her. My brain tumor was compared to a mole on her leg...she had to have it removed and it had some precancerous cells...yep...almost exactly like a brain tumor and chemo and losing my hair...anyway...people are clueless!!

    How random that I just saw your blog listed on another blog...although I don't know Jessica Turner...I read her blog...only because I read Angie Smith's blog...small small world!!!

    I'm still praying for you...every day!!

  4. Susan, I just jumped over to your blog from someone elses. I was getting caught up on your life. I know where you are coming from with PCOS, I to am a sufferer of this syndrome. After 10 years, my husband and I have two children. Take that clomid and relax. I don't know how your Dr. is watching over you. But with mine I was going to the Dr. all the time for ultrasounds, and he would tell me what days to do "you know what" after months of that, it was a becoming a routine it was more pressure that fun. So relax, take your clomid, and love your husband. Let nature and God take his course! Praying for you!