21 July 2008

a little unbalanced...

The other night, just a day or two after we got back from vacation (an update on that soon), I looked over at my feline friend and noticed something...

Do you see it? I had to do a double take.

Notice anything different? Let's get closer...

See it yet? Try comparing the left side of his face to his right.

He's missing his left eyebrow whiskers! I don't know what went on here while we were gone but he must have done one heckova clean up job!


  1. Did you keep your tweezers out : ) Sometimes I get a little too much pulled too!

  2. Hi Susan, Thanks for stopping by! Now I have another blog to keep up with:) Your cat's really cute, we have two cats that keep us busy with their high demands. They're indoor/outdoor so on some days I feel like I'm forever opening and closing our front door:) Have a great day! Melissa

  3. You even told me about the missing brow...and I still didn't "get" it until you said what it was...that's how observant I am!!!!