14 May 2009

1 month old

Has it really been three weeks since I last posted? Has it really been one month since our baby girl joined us? Everyone keeps telling me the first year goes by so quickly..I'm starting to see how. Daisy has already brought so much joy to our lives. She is now 23 inches long, and weighs 10 lbs, 11 oz. The outfit she has on in this picture is 3-6 mos. The arms are a little long but the legs fit perfect (they're just pulled up in the picture). She outgrew her first pair of pjs last week. She has started kicking up a storm. Soccer player? =) She has also started to follow things/people with her eyes and will turn her head to follow me. She smiles. Real smiles too, not just the gassy ones. =) She loves it when her daddy kisses her goodbye in the morning. This morning she just kept looking at him with wide eyes and would smile when he kissed her. She likes her real baths, for the most part. She's not too fond of getting her hair washed, which is funny since that's the part she liked most about her sponge baths. After embarking on a 9 hour road trip (turned 11 hours since we had to stop and feed/change her), we are slowly settling into somewhat of a schedule again. She was well on her way into a schedule before we left and then mommy and daddy just had to mess it all up so we could show her off to more family! I've paid for it in lack of sleep, but I think it was well worth it. She sleeps 5-6 hours a night, wakes for one feeding and then sleeps another 2 hours...although getting her back to sleep for that 2 hours can sometimes be a chore. Getting other things done during the day is still proving to be very difficult. How do you moms with more than one kid do it? I can't imagine caring for a newborn along with 2 or 3 other kids who need your time and attention as well! I'm sure you just sort of settle into it somehow. At this point in my life the concept just baffles me!

Everyone tells us how beautiful she is. When we were alone Josh said, "She really is cute, isn't she?" I said, "Yep!" Then Josh said, "I mean, I was just hopin' she'd come out lookin' normal.....but she's REALLY cute!" Made me laugh. Poor Josh just wanted his baby to look normal. I think he's pretty in love with this little girl!


  1. I will second that! She really is a beauty! But really now, I dont' think any Canady has given us an ugly baby yet, heehee. Oh, and the two kid thing...when you figure it out, let me know:)This weekend was SOOOOO easy not having Logan. I missed him majorly but, few was it nice to have a little break.

  2. just wanna kiss those cheeks!!!! I think the smallest oneies that we painted are the 3-6 month size. I think she wants to make a trip to PA!!!! xoxox Grandma

  3. Yes she is absolutely ADORABLE!!! We are ALL in love with her : ) About the more than one kid thing don't stress about it cause you will just roll with it & go a little crazy like the rest of us did :0 Your husband did me in..my life was a blur with 4!!! Cause you gotta have a bunch of kids as cute as this one is : ) Love you's!