25 February 2010

blog? what blog?

Wow, okay, so if I ever did have anyone to read this thing, I'm sure you are long gone by now! Whew! What a crazy seven months it has been. Since my last post I have:

Said good bye temporarily to my kitties
Moved to NY
Watched Daisy crawl for the first time
Moved to PA
Slipped back into the role of "renter" rather than "owner" (i'm liking it)
Helped pull off a surprise retirement party for my dad
Said hello again to my kitties

Daisy has come a long way as well. In addition to crawling she now has four teeth, pulls herself to standing just about anywhere, understands the signs for "kitty" and "daddy", sings, dances to music.....there's more I'm sure. It seems like she's doing something new every day.

So we are now in Pennsylvania. I feel, in a way, that I've come full circle. Even though my home where I grew up is 3 hours away from here, it very much feels like I have come home. We are loving it here. Cute town, nice people, (well, except for the psycho who came to our door yelling at Josh b/c he apparently parked in his shoveled out spot instead of the one Josh shoveled out one spot over, but, ya know, I guess you have those meatfaces anywhere). Yes, I said meatface.

To save this post from becoming dull and senseless, I'm going to sign off. My brain is quickly shutting down as it is of a late and wonderful hour. See, it's starting. I need to stop typing. Now.

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