10 March 2010

baby furniture? here ya go...

God never ceases to amaze me with His provision. When I look back over my life, inparticular the last year or so, I am baffled b/c it really could not be any clearer that God is providing. We would not have survived otherwise. Here's the most recent story...

We have had the right pieces of furniture in Daisy's room to make do. We have never gotten a changing table b/c we have a kitchen table that was given to us. I bought a cheapo changing pad and just slapped it on there and just put all the essential things that go along with it (lotions, ointments, powders, etc.) on the table, surrounding the changing pad. I will tell you, this works like a charm when you have a newborn. You know, a cute, adorable little babe who just lays there and looks at you with adoring wittle eyes. Not so much for an almost 11 month old who appears to have made it her mission in life to grab whatever her sticky little fingers can get a hold of and chuck it to kingdom come, usually nailing me in the head in the process. So I've been thinking I want to get some sort of table with drawers to put all those things in and save myself from getting an eye poked out. Also I've been wanting a nightstand to put by the rocking chair b/c I always need a place to put things when I'm sitting there and it always ends up on the floor, and then lost due to the before mentioned "sticky fingers". Keep in mind, I haven't really broached this subject with the hubster yet. There are more pressing matters at hand like needing a vacuum. So last night the hubster comes to me and says, "Oh, hey our landlord is working next door and wants you to go over there tomorrow and look at some baby furniture and see if you want it." Um, what? Needless to say I am a bit excited!! The furniture is perfect. A little dresser, a mirror, a shelf, and a nightstand. I can't wait to check out the "oops" paint at Home Depot or Lowes or wherever and get *my* little sticky fingers on them! A fun craft project AND a fulfilled need. I am so happy!


  1. I love your furniture but really...i am in love with the little girl in the mirrow...SERIOUSLY...could she really be any cuter??? LOVE HER!!!
    PS welcome back to blogging...i've missed ya

  2. Love the furniture! I think my girls had the same nightstands :) I think Jenny has them now! Oh...& I too love that little girl in the mirror :=)