10 March 2010

i think i can, i think i can

The hubster says I'm addicted. I say I'm just struggling to understand it all and save our family the much needed money! The past couple days I have been living, eating, sleeping, breathing.....coupons. Over the past year I've observed many of my friends one by one discover the beauty that is couponing. When they all started bragging about their savings I decided it's high time I follow suit. There are just some bandwagons that need jumped onto. And there are just some sentences that need to end in a preposition....and also some sentences that need to start with a conjunction. Anyway, there's really no saving this post, I don't think. So....coupons! My first shopping trip was a success to CVS. I left with 50% savings! Tonight was my first BIG grocery shopping trip and wow....my brain is fried. It will help a lot when I am actually a bit organized. The trip was definitely a success. I left saving almost a hundred dollars. Not as good as Krista's (the hubster's cousin) $325 worth of groceries for $5, but I'm not bitter or anything. ;) Actually, Krista has been such a huge help as I have inundated her phone with texts and she has helped me to understand part of the mystery of it all. I will get there. I'm determined to keep going and conquer this new adventure! Pssshhhh! Addicted! He'll be thanking me one day. =o)

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  1. I love you Susan. Isn't it a PAIN in the butt learning this stuff? It has taken me since Nov. and seriously....I am all like YA me and then I go in today and totally screw my deals up by buying the wrong brand of something.....DUH!!!! Shopping with kids is a NO but what can we do, right? I am facebooking u NOW...something I discovered today that will help u beautiful woman!!!
    oh and ps...I totally spent way to much my first few months but I really think u almost have to, to get where you wanna be. Dont' stress it.