21 April 2010

yet another couponing success!

I was excited about this deal because I thought it would give me a chance to get Daisy an early Christmas present, but I ended up giving it to her as a late birthday present and you'll see why. I posted on FB the other day a link to the coupon blog I found this deal on. I had printed out three, $5 off coupons for Leapfrog Fridge Toys, then found on this blog that Toys R Us had their Leapfrong Fridge Toys on sale for $9.99 (down from $19.99). When I went to look, not all the fridge toys were on sale, only these two - the farm and the recorder. The recorder is for 3+ years, so the only one I could get Daisy was the farm, which was 12+ months. I know I could have waited anyway to give it to her, but my plan had been to get her two, one I could give her now and one for later. When I cook and she wants to be in the kitchen with me I just thought it would be so helpful to have her occupied with something like this. So anyway, I just went ahead and gave it to her, and then the other two I got will be gifts for some cousins! So...here's the deal. I bought three fridge toys @ $9.99 each. Total came to $29.97. I used three $5 coupons, bringing the total to $14.97. I then used a $5 gift card I had gotten there on my last coupon trip, bringing my total for three fridge toys to $9.97. That's $3.32 each!

CVS. Man, everyone loves CVS, apparently. I went on a Monday night (sale started Sunday) and missed getting a few things on my list b/c they were GONE! So, the next day The Husband and I were out and we stopped by the other CVS in our area and low and behold, they had what I was missing! So it worked out anyway. I think from now on I'll hit that store first and then check the other one if they are out of something. The items on the right are what I got Monday night. Three tubes of Crest toothpaste, one Covergirl mascara. Total before coupons: $11.63. I spent out of pocket, $.27 including tax. Here's how it looked ~

Buy 3 tubes Crest toothpaste @ 1.88 ea
Buy one Covergirl mascara @ $5.99 (and get $4 ECBs)

Use 3 $1.50 off 1 coupons for the toothpaste
Use $1.00 off 1 for the mascara
Use $6 ECB from previous transaction

Total $.13 + tax

Then Tuesday when I went back I got the two heatpacks (can I just say that it's a little depressing that I am 30 and already need heatpacks?), the instant coffee, and the Schick razor. Here's what that looked like.

Buy 2 heatpacks @ $2.49 each (get $2.49 each in ECBs)
Buy 2 Taster's Choice instant coffee sticks @ 12 for $10 (makes them .83 each)
Buy 1 Schick Hydro 3 razor @ $8.97 (get $6 ECBs)

Use 2 $1.00 off 1 for the heatpacks (makes them $1.49 ea)
Use 1 Buy One Get One Free for the coffee
Also use 1 $.75 off 1 for the coffee (makes them .04 ea)
Use 1 $3.00 off 1 Schick razor (makes it $5.97)
Use two ECBs from previous transactions totaling $8.99

Total: $.05 plus tax...plus I received $10.98 in ECBs.

My Target trip was pretty good. It could have been way better had I been able to find everything I went for, but what I did find was good. 4 cases of Huggies wipes, two pair of women's socks, two pair of men's socks, 7 light bulbs, and 2 fingernail polishes. Total before coupons: $39.27 Total paid: $5.39 plus tax. Boo yah!!! I also had a couple catalinas print out which is the first time that has happened to me at Target. One was $3 off patio furniture and the other was $1 off wipes.

So all in all a pretty successful day. Here are a couple of cute pictures of Daisy enjoying her share of the results of Mommy's hard work!

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  1. Definately some good buys! That baby girl is ADORABLE too BTW :)