24 February 2011

cake pop attempt number one

Well, here they are! The perfectionist in me really doesn't like them, but they DID taste quite good if I do say so myself! We happened to be going to a family dinner the night I made these so I took them along. I was a little strapped for time so my awesome sister in law helped me by writing the messages on them. I made the blue and pink ones and took them to the dinner. Then I made the purple ones after we got back home. I had trouble with the blue and pink ones cracking. I think maybe the purple ones fared a little better due to the fact they were in the fridge firming up before dipping a lot longer than the blue and pink ones were. Overall I think it was a good first try. It will be fun when I am a pro of sorts and don't have to set aside an entire day to make them and am completely happy with the end result! Here's to future better looking but just as yummy cake pops!!


  1. I thought they were beautiful & so delicious!!!

  2. they are pretty. nice how you have "u r sexy" next to "Jesus loves u" in the first pic ;)

  3. haha! i noticed that too after i posted.