22 April 2011

daisy's elmo party

I hope Daisy had as much fun at her party as I had watching her at her party. She seemed to have a great time! So because of that, I can say that it was a complete success!

She seemed a little shy and awkward when everyone was singing to her and every pair of eyes were on her...I gotta say I know how she feels! =) Contrary to the majority of my life, I do NOT like being the center of attention! Funny how people change. But I digress! Other than that she was ready to party!

I am so happy with how her cake turned out!

Daisy got a fish for her birthday from Grandma. She was appropriately named, Dorothy! Here's our Dorothy display with the red punch (made by my MIL) and of course, goldfish crackers!

Balloons! JP made a good discovery over Valentine's Day at the Dollar Tree ~ Balloons! They are cheap, and they last forever! I had a scare with these b/c the Dollar Tree I went to misinformed me on what balloons they actually had in stock. I was able to find what I wanted at a different Dollar Tree so it all worked out. Daisy is still dragging these all through our very tiny apartment.

The snack table! Red fruit continuing the red theme (thanks to my friend Jess for that idea!), chocolate covered peppermint patties (what are the kids saying these days? OH. EM. GEE. these things make my taste buds SING!), candy coated peppermint patties (a little too sweet for me, but still. SO. good.), and of course, CAKE!

The favor buckets! Daisy and her second cousin, Isaac, were the only kids their age at the party. That being said I had a hard time finding treat bags that came just 1 or 2 in a pack without paying a stupid amount of money so...the treat buckets were formed! I found these for cheap and actually ended up liking this idea better than the treat bags anyway!

Here is Isaac. I think he's absolutely adorable drinking from a straw so I had to post this. =)

Presents! Thank you to all of you who were able to come to Daisy's Elmo Party. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for making her party one that I don't think she'll forget....at least for several months, anyway. ;)