22 April 2011

my first elmo cake

As far as cakes go, this was pretty simple. But, it came out exactly the way i pictured it, so I am very happy with it! This is the second time ever that I have covered a cake in fondant - first time ever that I dyed fondant! It's actually much easier than I originally thought.

I looked all day one day for this Wilton cake pan. I've always looked for the best deals, but since getting into couponing I have a really hard time with, say, paying 10 bucks for a cake pan even though I know that's a really good deal for a Wilton cake pan! My obsessiveness paid off, however, when perusing Craigslist I came across this very pan I was looking for. 5 bucks later I was a very happy momma!

I was supposed to put something in the black icing to thin it out. I guess so it looks really smooth, and maybe shiny? I'm not sure. The directions just said to do it without any reason why. Well, I lacked any thinning ingredients so I just skipped it. I think it turned out pretty good regardless.

I was going to take a picture after each step but after I did the red I forgot and moved on to the orange nose. Oh well. You get the idea. it was about 2 in the morning, after all. =)

I think the eyes really finish it off! It's like it gives life to the cake!

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