20 May 2011


I had quite the eventful day yesterday. First, my boy is sick. He came down with a fever on Tuesday and has progressively acquired symptoms through the week. Dr said he has a virus.

And now he has pink eye.

They said b/c he is so young they had to do tests on him to make sure he didn't have a serious infection. So between all the needles, x-ray, catheter, and now meds, eye drops, and severe congestion, the poor guy has had quite the week. He's been needing some extra snuggles which I have been completely willing to provide.

My girl must have been jealous of all the attention since she decided yesterday would be a good day to fall out of the grocery cart and onto her head. I called her doctor and talked to the nurse who gave me a whole long list of symptoms to watch out for. She is acting like her happy, ornery, chatty, CRAZY little self, so I have decided not to take her to urgent care. It's what my gut is telling me, but I have this horrible habit of second guessing my gut. Lack of self confidence, maybe? I don't know. Last night I asked her how her head was feeling and she said, "alright, mommy."

She is talking more and more every day. It's crazy! She's starting to really put sentences together and carry on complete conversations. I seriously don't know what I would do without her. Both her and Jesse are my world! I love them more than life...

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  1. I love you 3 so much..but I think you may be a little crazy ;) I think Jesse may think his Mom & sister are forsure by the look on his face in the last picture! :)