11 July 2011

oh thank heaven for

I would like to preface this post by explaining a little about JP. To put it simply, he loves food. I don't just mean he loves to eat food, although he does enjoy that as well. He loves everything about food. He loves learning the technique of how to cook it, sear it, broil it, [insert other various cooking verbs here]. I think if he could have his way, him and Gordon Ramsay would be BFF's. He likes all the cooking reality shows, especially "Top Chef" and "Kitchen Nightmares". I will admit they are entertaining, but I'm more of a have-it-on-in-the-background-while-doing-something-else kind of fan. I like that when JP watches these shows he gets in the mood to cook and wanting to try new things. I just have to be willing to put up with the horrible passable awesome British accent and him yelling, "Green burgers kill people!" at least once a day while he's in the kitchen trying to mimic a new technique he just watched on the show. But I digress.

Before we met, I had not known anyone with such a close relationship with food, and it was an adjustment for me to realize that he had a bit of an elite pallet. Whenever he makes a dish, if he thinks it's good he will say, "I'd be happy if I got this in a restaurant." I will usually eat anything on my plate that doesn't move so I guess you could say we sit on opposite sides of the spectrum. Something else JP loves: 7-eleven. Specifically their slurpees. We lived for a brief time in Nashville, TN and it killed him that there were no 7-elevens. We moved from there two years ago and he insisted it wasn't because of the lack of his beloved slurpee, but I'm still suspicious.

Today only, 7-eleven is offering free, 7.11 oz slurpees. If you live near one, or even if you don't and you're up for a road trip, you need to get one. I'm not a food fanatic, but even I love the sweet, cold goodness of a 7-eleven slurpee. And there it is, the point of this post. The rest is free. :p


  1. 2 Facts:
    1) I do love food
    2) Green Burgers do kill people

    Although you forgot to mention how pretty my steaks were last night :) . Dang, now I am hungry!

  2. 2 more facts:
    1)"super tasters" are better than everyone else. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supertaster

    2) slurpees are awesome. particularly coke slurpees. here in Chicagoland, 7-11 bought out White Hen. I do not recognize White Hen as anything significant, but enjoy a plethura 7-11s. people around here seem to think ICEE is the same thing. it isn't, and these folks are endangering their livelihood by engaging in such tomfoolery.

  3. Wow...I never thought of it as a super power but I guess its as good as some other super hero strengths.I wonder if Super Dough Boy is already taken as a superhero name. I bet Susan would make me a cape since she is so crafty. :)

  4. tomfoolery. hah!

    i would most definitely make you a cape. be careful what you ask for...