08 July 2011

i used to run

Like, for real run. I don't claim to have ever been very good at it. For instance in the picture above (I'm the one in blue) I am about to commit a hand off error, but we won't talk about that. We won't talk about how we blew away all the other teams. We won't talk about how we lapped them on the track. We won't talk about how we had it in the bag...and then blew it by getting disqualified on this error. No, we won't talk about that. I'm over it. Completely. But, I did enjoy running immensely! Since school ended for me there hasn't been very much running going on. I just haven't kept up with it like I should have. Then when I start up again here and there I can't figure out why I don't do it more because it's so darn refreshing! Today was the second day out jogging since baby #2 came along. Here are the things I took away:

*The Domino Effect - the longer I live, the more terrible things I see, the more thankful I am for my health, the more I praise God for it! Today was just one of those days where it felt good to be alive! I felt every muscle and joint working the way it's supposed to, albeit a little slower than I remember. I thanked God for the ability he has given me to simply run. He is where my strength comes from and I am so thankful that He has seen fit to give me good health thus far. I know it can be taken away in an instant, and I hope that I never take it for granted.

*Old, Shirtless Man - my first thought on seeing this old, shirtless man huffing and puffing away, barely moving was, why can't he wear a shirt? Then I thought, maybe he, to some extent, appreciates the domino effect too. And it's hot.

*Progress! - I jogged a much longer distance than I thought I could. I actually didn't want to stop as soon as I started.

*Kids - My little people seem to like the jogging stroller, which is great because I can't use them as an excuse not to run.

*Hungry - I sure could go for a carrot.

Then later at home I did my magic trick:



This Sunday I will have been married to my man (referred to occasionally and fondly as "JP" here in this blog and nowhere else) for seven years! I am all ready for our date. He's taking me out tonight and I have no idea as to the what or where. Funny thing is, he would probably reveal all secrets if he had his way. I like to be surprised, but I always have to convince him not to tell me anything. So here I am, all ready. Granted a few hours early, but I take advantage of nap time when at all possible!


  1. We are blessed to have you in our family! Love you much

  2. is this blog post a reference to an Arcade Fire song? (the song "we used to wait" and the lyric "i used to write")

  3. sorry to disappoint you Jon, but no. just a very factual title with absolutely no other reference. :)