23 February 2013

artistic cake

I'm just a little busy.  I enjoy trying my hand at many, many things!  Even when I was young I was always up for a challenge and for trying something new.  I always enjoyed striving to "top myself", to get better and better at something the more I tried.  As a result of this inclination to try new things and enjoy many things, my hand is in many pots.  I wear lots of hats.  I've talked a little about it before on here, but just wanted to show you one of my hats or pots or whatever.  Meet: SusAnna's Sweets. I am not alone in this endeavor, hence the "Anna" of SusAnna's.  Anna and I have had fun getting this thing slowly off the ground.  We have 5 kids between the two of us, all 3 and under so things tend to get, well, busy.  But we have enjoyed the journey of it so far.  
Our specialty: cake pops!

If you have not had the pleasure of tasting these little treats, you need to go find one (I know of a PLACE that sells them!) and experience the yumminess!  They are great for...



They can be eaten without the stick, as cake bites.
They can be arranged in a pot as a bouquet...

Mother's Day Bouquet
For any occasion...

And while we pride ourselves on our pops, we also whip up a cupcake or two...

vibrant colors!
scary eyeballs!
valentine's day love!

We can also do cakes:

barnyard animal smash cake


wedding/bridal shower

7th birthday!

17th birthday!

rapunzel cake

If you are not local, we can also ship our cake pops!  You'll find all the info on our WEBSITE.  We also have an etsy site and a facebook page.  What are you waiting for?  Check us out!  :D

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