25 February 2013

February project: drawer signs

I recently switch out Jesse's kid organizer with this 3 drawer container to make room for a second crib that is hopefully going into his room.  We are still working on Tommy sleeping through the night and now we will be moving in the next month, so we will wait till then to put the boys in the same room.  However, we like to try our best to keep things clean and organized around here.  While many times we fail miserably it is still our goal.  The kids actually like to help clean up, but usually it takes a great deal of supervision to get it done correctly.  So I thought this would be a way to help Jesse be able to put things away in his room with (a little) less supervision.

So simple, yet so helpful.  Construction paper, some print outs from Google images, and a few coloring skills, and we've got the finished product.  Now Jesse can use the pictures to know what toys go in which drawer.  Voila!

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