11 February 2013

January project: Valentine's Day Wreath

Sharing some front door love!  I want to try to complete one project a month.  That's my goal, anyway.  Husband, kids, housework, home school, side businesses, tend to get in the way of such things, but we shall see how this goes.  So here's my project for January.  This really took very little time to put together.  I waited till the last few days of January so I was under the wire for finishing within the month, but I did it!  And it was done using all things that I already had either lying around the house or in my crafty stash!

The process for this was inspired by my no sew blankets.  You can see some that I've made HERE.  The heart frame is just a wire hanger.  I usually don't keep wire hangers around because I really don't like them for hanging my clothes, but I just happened to have a few.  The first one didn't turn out so well.  It was hard to bend.  The second one I tried was much easier.  I just bent it into a heart shape with the hook part at the top.  I just cut up some fleece scraps into strips, then tied them in a knot around the hanger.  Pushed them as tight together as I could, and voila!  For the X and O, I cut the letters out of cardboard from a cereal box, Daisy painted them white for me, then I painted random, red dots all over them.  I got the idea for the X and O from someone on Pinterest and then just put my own spin on it. I couldn't find the source to link back to, though.

So that's it!  It's been really windy here lately so I've had to bring it inside after finding it on the ground a few times, but I really love how it looks on our door!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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